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Painting Mistake #1

Posted by vanestpainting on May 17, 2014 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Painting Mistake #1 — Blindly Following Trends
Looking through the latest home decorating magazines, it's easy to become inspired. Some of today's d cor trends are so eye-catching that you can't help but be intrigued. However, before you run out and purchase the supplies to redo your living room in purple and silver, stop a moment and think about it.
Far too many homeowners make the mistake of taking up each trend they see in magazines or on television. While magazines and home decorating shows are great places to find inspiration, it's important not to be a slave to trends. Just like in fashion, painting trends come and go very quickly. The unique look that's hot right now will likely be replaced in just a few years (if that), giving your home an outdated look. In addition, many of the trendiest color schemes require matching accessories, raising the price of your paint job.
Trendy colors on home exteriors are almost always mistakes. While it's great to show off your unique style, a vibrant pink home on a street full of beige ones may be a bit much. In fact, depending on where you live, it could lead to fines and having to repaint in an approved hue. Check with the appropriate community organizations, such as homeowner's associations, to find out if which colors are approved...and if any are your neighborhood. A much safer way to show your style is with dramatically colored trim on a neutral house. Not only is it less likely to anger your neighbors, but it's also a snap to redo when the next inspiration strikes!
Finding inspiration is great. Just make sure that the trend you spy in a magazine will work with your home's overall d cor, your budget and your lifestyle. Bright metallics, deep dramatic colors and shockingly bright shades look great on television, but living with them day after day is another story.
If you truly love one of the current trendy shades, consider painting just one wall. This is known as an accent wall, and it's a great way to try out the latest trends without committing an entire room.
Another way to stay current without going too far is to take a trendy hue and tone it down a bit. Love purple? Try lilac or lavender, and start small. Mix the trendy hue with timeless neutrals to make it even more livable.
Stopping to consider how a trendy paint color will look in your home long-term will help you avoid this common painting mistake

selling your house

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Fact: If you're looking to sell, you should put a fresh coat of paint on the house that will really go with the theme.

Buying a house is sometimes as difficult as selling, and a new homeowner has no desire to deal with anything extra. With that in mind, paint the house before trying to sell. This may cost you up to $500 if you do it yourself or even more if you hire a painting company. Still, the house will be much more attractive to prospective buyers, and you could easily make that money back in sale price alone. If not, it will certainly make the house sell faster.